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  • fad diets1

    Fad Diets

    Jun 03 2016

    One of the most difficult parts about taking care of your pet is choosing the best food for your pet to maintain a healthy body condition and promote a longer…

  • Toxins 9

    Outdoor Toxins

    May 04 2016

    As we enjoy the warmer weather this summer, we also allow our pets much more freedom outdoors.  With this extra freedom, some pets may get themselves into harmful situations that…

  • atopy1


    Apr 05 2016

    This month we will focus on environmental allergies, also known as Canine Atopy.  Just like people, dogs can be allergic to things in the environment.  As we discussed last month,…

  • food allergy 4

    Food Allergy

    Mar 03 2016

    As we approach Spring and Summer, the allergy season is upon us.  We wanted to discuss some of the culprits of allergies in our pets and what can be done…

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    Bailey Eggers 2-2-2016

    Feb 25 2016

    Easter arrived with an unexpected addition of Bailey to our family.  She totally changed our world from the first day to the last day she was with us.  Life with…

  • Don

    Don Wright 6-6-2014

    Feb 11 2016

    On September 17, 2003, my family adopted Don. He chose my wife in the cat colony room. Don reached out from the top of the spiral stairs and gently touched…

  • catbehavior8

    Cat Behavioral Issues

    Feb 04 2016

    When we asked our clients for topics that they would like to see covered in this blog series, the most commonly requested topic was cat behavior!  Cats are unique creatures…

  • weightloss7

    Are you ready for a New Year’s Resolution?

    Jan 07 2016

    Are you ready for a New Year’s Resolution?  It’s the perfect time to focus on your pet’s overall health by helping them to trim down some excess weight.  Many dogs…

  • imgres

    Want to make it a Happy Holiday? How to Avoid an Unplanned Visit to the Vet!

    Dec 07 2015

    As the Holiday season approaches, we wanted to revisit this very important topic.  The holidays can be a stressful time and nothing adds to your stress like a sick pet…

  • Senior 1

    Senior Bloodwork

    Nov 02 2015

    When you bring your pet in for its annual visit, you may hear us recommend something called “Senior Bloodwork.”  What does that include and why is it recommended for your…