Easter arrived with an unexpected addition of Bailey to our family.  She totally changed our world from the first day to the last day she was with us.  Life with Bailey was one adventure after another and the daily moment by moment joys endless.  She literally loved everyone and just couldn’t grasp why the people in the car at the stop light next to us weren’t petting her.  She wagged her little tail so hard that her entire body moved and her most beloved person was her day.  Whatever Dad did, Bailey joined him.  She actually helped him dig the foundation to our new house; pulled tree roots out; moved rocks and enjoyed the breeze on the lake.  Bailey loved the boat but only when Dad was in the boat with her.  One of my favorite memories is watching her watch her Dad who was in another boat and not moving a muscle the entire time they were separated.  Our life is deeper and richer all because a sweet little angel named Bailey brightened our world.

The weekend she didn’t respond to any medicine with the blood disorder…I thought that would be her last weekend so I let her dig and she dug!